Anonymous: Have some decency and find a job at a place that isn't terrible and problematic? It's embarrassing to work there. It's not the workers' fault for their products, but they're contributing by staying there



There are very few corporations that aren’t problematic in some way. I have been working in my store for over 3 years, and I am not willing to give up a stable job because some of the buyers for the company have awful judgement and decide to offer problematic products. I am forced into a capitalist society, and it’s not like the employees in the stores of these big corporations are actually benefiting from the decisions of those higher up. I make a very small hourly wage, just like any other retail employee. You wouldn’t go harass a walmart or mcdonalds employee about how their company exploits both the workers and their customers, so how does it make sense in this situation? Maybe you should be contacting the heads of these companies rather than wasting your time blaming the employees that have no actual impact.

*also it is a privilege to even HAVE a stable job, especially one that offers more than minimum wage (albeit not much more-but still more)* so what we see here, is the case where not everyone is privileged enough to get up and quit their job just because they disagree with their products. not everyone can find a new job that they qualify for quickly enough to replace their problematic employer. NOT EVERYONE CAN RISK GOING WITHOUT THE BI-WEEKLY PAYCHECK THAT PAYS THE RENT TO THEIR HOME, THAT PAYS FOR THEIR EMERGENCY HEALTH ISSUES, THAT PAYS FOR THE FOOD THEY NEED TO SURVIVE JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE THEIR JOB. so maybe keep that in mind next time you criticize someone for their place of employment.